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Are you aware of the benefits of a NIASZIIHhealing session?

NIASZIIHhealing is a mindful, holistic approach to healing oneself through our connection with nature at the core of our being.  In this powerful hands on healing modality curiosity is ignited and tracked by using contact and awareness. NIASZIIHhealing is grounded in the earth and rooted in seeking the simple truth.  It is a beautiful complement to today’s modern medicine.

What are your wounds? What needs to be healed? What trauma is inside? Are you stressed or have insomnia?  Do you experience anxiety or depression? Do you feel lost or stuck? What kind of grief do you carry? How does anger affect you?  What illness are you affected by? Does pain or disease disrupt your life? 

Using my specific and unique medicine, clients can release emotional and physical pain from the body.  My intention is to hold sacred space in a non-judgemental environment and support healing for the needs of others.  

The benefits of NIASZIIHhealing are extraordinary!  Clients become attuned to physical and emotional sensations that desire healing.  During NIASZIIHhealing sessions one becomes more present in the body, allowing for increased awareness, both internally and externally. If you are interested in releasing old patterns and beliefs NIASZIIHhealing can help.  It can help you find true nature that lies within and trust in your own path.  


My yoga journey began in 2011. I studied Iyengar Yoga with Tammie Rudisill of  Winston-Salem, NC.  I completed yoga teacher training in 2017 with Tony Parra of Greensboro, NC.  Yoga has allowed me to find strength and potential on the mat.  I enjoy teaching restorative, Yin Yoga as well as the Asanas of Ashtanga Yoga. Clients suffering a variety of physical pain and limitations are given the opportunity to become present in the body through yoga. Postures and breath allow one to regain balance  and flow.


Wednesday nights at 6:30pm

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