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“Betsy brings an authenticity to the healing table that stems from her own courageous, honest journey.  She is an amazing tracker, able to pick up what’s going on in the deeper layers, and will tell you like she sees it.”

"Betsy is kind and compassionate. She is incredibly gentle.  her approach is very open and genuine. She takes great pains to explain the work that she will do and what your role in it will be."

"Energy work is a participatory practice.  Be prepared for an interactive experience.  Betsy will assist you in probing the dark corners of your mind for what is blocking your true path.  She creates and holds a beautiful space for you to release what no longer serves you.  She extends Grace without a hint of judgement."

"Betsy is a gifted intuitive and an authentic healer.

I am blessed to have been able to work with her!"

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